This weekend, officials in Maine’s Baxter State Park began opening several trails up Katahdin. However, several popular trails up the state’s highest peak are still closed.

On Saturday, officials opened several trails, including Abol, Hunt (and Owl), Hamlin Ridge, North Basin and Northwest Basin.

They also opened Chimney Pond, although officials caution there are still two large sections that are covered in snow, including a 4-foot snow drift at Basin Pond. These areas have been flagged with orange flagging to mark the trail. Officials said ‘post holing’ is highly likely, and hikers should be prepared and use caution.

On Monday, officials opened Helon Taylor and Knife Edge.

Several trails are still closed, including Cathedral and Dudley. Saddle Trail is also officially closed, although the section from Northwest Basin Trail to Baxter Peak is open.

Officials say hiker should be prepared for wet conditions on all park trails, and pockets of snow on Katahdin trails. When encountering snow, mud, or standing wate, hikers should not go off trail or around, but instead go through.