Saying “skiing is not an essential activity,” officials at the Mount Washington Avalanche Center have sharply criticized the hundreds of skiers who were at Mount Washington’s Tuckerman Ravine Saturday.

In a Facebook post Sunday Morning, officials at the center said more than 400 people were at the ravine Saturday.

They added the chances were good that asymptomatic carriers of COVID-19 were among the crowd.

The statement from the Mount Washington Avalanche Center:

Yesterday, more than 400 people came to Tuckerman Ravine with well over 50% of them arriving from out of state. Cars filled the parking lot at Pinkham Notch, lined the highway for several hundred yards with folks congregating in the lot, on the deck and driving together. In many cases, it was clear that the groups did not live together. Our medical advisor visited us to offer advice on our current state of affairs as lead agency for SAR in the Cutler River Drainage. Among other observations, he commented that odds were strong that asymptomatic carriers of COVID19 were among these vistors.
Please respect the stay at home order. Skiing is not an essential activity by any measure and while we support exercising and being outdoors now more than ever, those activities should occur in your neighborhood or within a short drive of your house.