New York's Watkins Glen State Park.

New York’s Watkins Glen State Park.

When New York officials announced a plan to spend $900 million over the next several years to modernize the state’s parks, it was met with widespread enthusiasm among park advocates. But a recent editorial in The Citizen could signal a battle ahead over that money.

According to the plan (NY Parks 2020), investments will be made in the state’s most popular flagship parks, such as Saratoga Spa, Niagara Falls, Jones Beach and Watkins Glen.

But the editorial in The Citizen expresses concern that with so much money being spent on the state’s biggest parks, there won’t be much left for the state’s other, smaller parks. The editorial goes on to caution readers to keep an eye on the plan to make sure all the parks in Cayuga County get their fair share of the money.

Expect this to be just the beginning of a battle by regions throughout the state to secure funds for their local parks.

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