The 5th annual Boston Winter Film Festival will be held next month in venues around the Boston area from October 13 to 21.

The winter film festival honors the stunning visuals, jaw-dropping feats, and beautiful editing of the world’s best ski, snowboard, surf, mountain bike, kayaking, adventure and lifestyle films, shorts and documentaries.

The festival spans over several days with a different lineup of events, parties and screenings, including events at historic theaters, bars, swanky modern venues and smaller, more intimate settings, providing a range of backdrops every year. The event helps raise money for Ellen’s Heart and Soul to help make a positive impact while celebrating winter, mountains and adventure. Last year organizers were able to raise enough to provide and serve an organic Thanksgiving meal to a local in-patient cancer center.

Presented by SnowRiders, the festival is all about getting as many people together to have as much fun as possible watching these movies.

Learn more about the Boston Winter Film Festival.