The Northeast has its share of . . . um, “unique” . . . events. But this might top them all.

For those who have always wanted to explore a cave – but do so without the unwieldy burden that is wearing clothes – New York’s Howe Caverns is offering “Naked in a Cave,” an event where you can explore their popular cave sans clothes.

New York’s Howe Caverns. (Howe Caverns/Facebook Photo)

Sound crazy? Well, consider that Howe Caverns held this event once before. Last year’s inaugural foray into nude spelunking proved so popular, they decided to bring it back again this year.

In fact, the event is already reportedly two-thirds sold out. Only 350 tickets are being made available for the event, being held September 14.

The caverns stay a chilly 52 degrees all year long. (Insert your own body-parts-reacting-to-cold joke here.)

Attendees will be able to stroll through the caverns, see a new glass-blowing exhibit, and partake in a clothing-optional yoga session. Participants can also sign up for dinner, but clothes are mandatory for that.