Mount Marcy

Mount Marcy

Rescuers in the Adirondacks have received praise from New York Governor Andrew Cuomo after rescuing a family from the summit of Mount Marcy this weekend.

According to an article on, a state police using a helicopter were able to find Ning Cai, 39, and her two sons, ages 7 and 11, from Potsdam, New York, near the summit of Marcy around 11 a.m. Sunday morning.

Department of Environmental Conservation rangers had been searching the area during the night in high winds and below-zero temperatures.

The state police aviation unit dropped a forest ranger down to the family, who were reportedly in fair condition with some cold-related injuries. The two boys were then transported by helicopter to a nearby hospital. The mother was flown to the hospital shortly after.

“Time and time again, DEC Forest Ranger, DEC Environmental Conservation Police and the New York State Police, selflessly heed the call to help others in the most dire of situations to ensure the safety of the residents and visitors of New York state,” said Cuomo. “I congratulate them all on a job well done.”

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