New York forest rangers rescued a lost hiker who spent more than 12 hours in freezing conditions in the Dix Wilderness on Sunday.

Officials say the 25-year-old woman from Glens Falls, New York, became lost on the Lillian Brook Trail and then struggled with frozen gear. She reportedly lost phone service, but was able to text her information to friends, who reported her situation.

Hough Peak and Macomb Mountain seen from the ridge to Dix. (Wikimedia Photo)

Rangers responded to Macomb Mountain, and they were able to contact the hiker via text. She responded she was in an emergency foil tent.

Rangers found the hiker shortly before 3 a.m. They provided her food, water and a warm sleeping bag. They also started a fire to warm her while waiting for New York Police Aviation to extract the hiker and take her to a local hospital for medical treatment. She was extracted from the area shortly after 8 a.m. on Monday.