Wet and snowy conditions will keep all hiking trails on Maine’s Mount Katahdin closed though Memorial Day Weekend.

Baxter State Park officials posted on their Facebook page yesterday they are keeping Katahdin’s trails closed for at least another week to preserve and sustain the trails.

They said that snow melt and rain have saturated the soil on the region’s trails. They described the Abol Trail as basically a stream bed that’s sending a lot of sediment to lower portions of the trail. Sections below tree line are either covered by fast moving water or have a large body of standing water.

The parks trail specialist said the Hunt Trail not only has a “massive” amount of water and sediment making its way down the trail, but also has a substantial amount of snow.

At the 2.5-mile mark is a corridor that’s socked in with roughly 2 feet of snow. Officials described conditions as fairly hazardous and have the potential to do a lot of damage to the natural resources in the area.