A Vermont skier has skied more than 6 million vertical feet this season … and he’s still going.

According to an article on UnofficialNetworks.com, Scott Howard, 65, of Killington, Vermont, has been skiing more than 8 hours a day, everyday, at Killington Resort this season. He has been tracking his vertical digitally with an iPhone app called Trace.

Howard is hoping to claim the world record for vert in a season. But what that record-setting number actually is is a matter of debate. According to an article on Powder.com, the current official world record was set by Canadian Pierre Marc Jette, who skied 6,025,751 feet between November 22, 2014 and May 10, 2015 in Whistler. Howard says there are also rumors floating around of a guy who hit 6,575,000 feet in 177 days. And, recently, stories surfaced of a skier in Montana who reportedly skied more than 8 million feet of vert in 2016.

Howard is still skiing, as Killington is expected to remain open through the end of May. He hopes to break the 6.6 million feet mark before the season is over.