UPDATE: New York officials have determined the man who reported he was attacked by a black bear on Monday fabricated the story. Read the updated report here.

A New York man was hospitalized Monday after being injured in an apparent black bear attack in the southeast Adirondacks.

According to an article on PostStar.com, the man from Hague, New York, suffered cuts that required 16 stitches and numerous staples, but he had been released from the hospital as of early Tuesday. The victim’s name was not released.

The man was reportedly riding a four-wheeler in woods when he saw a bear. When he turned around to go back toward where he saw it, the animal charged and attacked him. He was knocked off his vehicle during the incident, but was able to crawl to a nearby home for help.

A Department of Environmental Conservation spokesman said no bear was located in the area after the report and it is still not clear what happened.

Officials are continuing to investigate the incident.