A Maine man and his son were rescued on Mount Katahdin Sunday after blowing snow caused whiteout conditions along the treacherous Knife Edge Trail.

According to Baxter State Park officials, the man and his son (whose ages were unavailable) became disoriented while traversing the Knife Edge Trail. At one point, they wandered off the trail near South Peak, but were able to regain it near Pamola Peak. They reportedly fell several times due to the conditions and unsuitable gear.

Officials said the two hikers suffered several minor injuries and minor cases of frostbite.

Rangers found out about the disoriented hikers after noticing headlamps on the Dudley Trail. The hikers were able to hike down most of Dudley Trail before being met by a ranger and experience volunteer, who led them to the Chimney Pond Ranger Station at around midnight.

“They were really lucky,” said ranger Michael Winslow, who helped guide the hikers to safety. “I think if they hadn’t been wearing helmets this may have produced a different outcome.”