We dipped into our archives to bring you this original article by snowboarder Chris Weiss, who lists his five favorite mountains for PURE skiing and riding.

by Chris Weiss

EAST COAST RIDERS ARE A GRITTY LOT. It’s a proud defining quality. Unlike the spoiled crowds elsewhere, we don’t sit back and sip hot cocoa while waiting for the perfect powder morning or bluebird day. If the powder drops while we’re out skiing, great. If not, it’s just another day on the mountain. Sometimes it’s not powder; it’s rain, sleet and wind instead. It really doesn’t matter; we aren’t out there for photo ops.

It’s no surprise that New England skiers and boarders demand mountains that are equally gritty. New England skiing is known for its steep narrow runs, challenging trees and highly variable snow conditions. While many resorts elsewhere have sought to create a lavish vacation experience replete with spa treatments and fine dining, New England’s best resorts are defined by their ride. They reflect the no-nonsense spirit and fortitude of skiers and riders. Here, skiing is still about skiing.

Some resorts in the valleys across the Green and White Mountains are among the best places in the world to experience the soul of skiing. In some cases, amenities may be slim, and they may be difficult to get to. However, once you’re there, life melts away and the only concern is the overnight forecast. What these resorts lack in fancy amenities and activities, they make up for in character. With an unspoken humility, they let their terrain (and patrons) do the talking. So if you consider yourself a serious skier or rider, skip the crowds and hype and find yourself a piece of skiing at its finest at these mountains. (READ THE FULL ARTICLE)