Hikers will get the chance to test their endurance next month when Pennsylvania hosts the annual Rachel Carson Trail Challenge, a grueling 34-mile, one-day endurance hike along the difficult Rachel Carson Trail.

The rugged 38.2-mile Rachel Carson Trail is located north and east of Pittsburgh. Much of the trail is relatively primitive and steep in place, and few bridges have been built on it, meaning hikers have to cross streams on their own. With no camps or shelters, the trail is meant for day hikes, despite it’s length.

For more than two decades, the Rachel Carson Trail Challenge has invited hikers to try completing 34 miles of the trail in one day between sunrise and sunset. This year’s challenge will be held on June 24 – close to the longest day of the year. It will begin at 5:50 a.m. and hikers must complete the challenge by 8:54 p.m.

For those who think 34 miles is too much, the challenge also offers 18-mile and 8-mile options.

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