Wilmington Trail on Whiteface's Lookout Mountain. (Whiteface Mountain Photo)

Wilmington Trail on Whiteface’s Lookout Mountain. (Whiteface Mountain Photos)

With warmer, longer days on the horizon, skiers are dreaming of spring days spent enjoying long trails that go for miles. Literally.

An article on NorthJersey.com, recently profiled the best long skiing trails in the East. According to the author, long runs allow skiers to focus on their style, letting them concentrate on technique and practice different maneuvers with few breaks.

Among the long ski trails included in the article are the Wilmington Trail at New York’s Whiteface Mountain, which is more than two miles long, Wildcat Mountain in New Hampshire with its 2.75-mile Polecat, and the longest ski trail in the East, Killington‘s 6.2-mile Juggernaut in Vermont.

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