Mount AdamsFor most people, climbing the Northeast’s second-highest peak is enough of a challenge. But for those who want to push themselves a little more, there’s the Mount Adams Challenge.

The trail and mountain running website recently ran a story about the Mount Adams Challenge, in which runners and hikers see if they can climb New Hampshire’s 5,793-foot Mount Adams in under 2:10. The route is 5.3 miles long with an elevation gain of nearly 4,500 feet. The challenge is a partnership between the White Mountain Cafe and Bookstore and the SAaLT Pub, both in Gorham, New Hampshire. Anyone who completes the challenge (which costs nothing) can receive a free latte at the cafe and a free beer at the pub.

Makes you wonder what other Northeast mountains would be good candidates for similar challenges.

Think you’re fast? To find out more about the Mount Adams Challenge, check out the article. Also check out the official Mount Adams Challenge website.