Vermont’s Stratton Mountain recently announced they plan to add a variety of new mountain bike trails to their bike park this summer.

The new trails for Stratton’s Mountain Bike Park lead the list of 2020-21 capital projects, which together total $10 million.

A new event venue, employee housing, additional parking, enhancements to the overall guest experience, and planning for future projects are also planned.

Phase Two of the mountain bike park build begins this summer. Together with Sinuosity, a Vermont-based company known for sustainable design, Stratton will add six new trails to complement last season’s eight downhill trails.

Highlights include a hand-cut single track, which is a tighter trail that pushes the rider’s technical skill in wooded areas. Stratton is also adding its first black diamond trail that features steeper, faster terrain, rock drops, roots, larger jumps and tighter turns.

Sinuosity plans to round out the build with a flow/jump trail. Built with progression in mind, the trail will feature larger jumps and tabletops to push riders looking for air, but will also include “go-arounds” and smaller jump options, allowing riders to build their skills and confidence, and work towards hitting the larger features in the bike park.

Sinuosity plans to make refinements to some Phase One trails, including rerouting the first two berms on Trail 1 to take away the intimidation factor when dropping in for the first time. Adding black diamond terrain, while rerouting beginner trails, adds progressive variation in the bike park, accommodating everyone from first-time riders to trail veterans.

Also included in the capital improvement plan is a new lake house venue located on Stratton Mountain Lake at the Stratton Golf Course. The new building will be home to weddings, corporate outings, family retreats and more, as a scenic summertime venue nestled in the Green Mountains.