Each winter, hardy skiers and riders venture into the Northeast backcountry in search of unspoiled powder and great natural lines.

For some, a favorite destination for backcountry skiing is a mountain creek. In an article on Powder.com, backcountry skier Brian Mohr extols the virtues of skiing the region’s drainages, stream gullies and creek beds, saying they offer some of the best natural ski lines in the Northeast.

Of course, creek skiing does have its pitfalls – boulders, downed trees, narrow confines and the occasional steep waterfall. But these challenging areas can also offer up some amazing, memorable experiences.

“While much of the ski world actively avoids creeks for just these reasons,” writes Mohr, “in the Eastern U.S. and Canada, they can be prized ski lines, even inbounds. Ski areas like Vermont’s Sugarbush, Stowe, Mad River Glen, Cannon in New Hampshire, and even Maine’s Saddleback are home to a handful of fun creeks. Hell Brook, near Stowe, is a classic example of a Northeastern creek line—complete with open water hazards, steep ice flows, avalanche risks, and a dangerous waterfall drop requiring a detour into the adjacent forest. Dropping 2,600 vertical feet and accessible by a 30-minute traverse into the backcountry near Stowe, Hell Brook, like many creek lines, is not to be taken lightly.”

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