If you’ve ever thought about tackling New Hampshire’s Presidential Range in winter, you better know what you’re getting into. The mountains might lack the height of big mountaineering, but they have all the danger: frighteningly cold temperatures, freak snowstorms and hurricane force winds, not to mention icy terrain and even the occasional avalanche.

The above video is a good look at what you might encounter on a Presidential Traverse in winter. These three hikers seemed well-prepared to take on the range. But along their traverse they were pummeled by an overnight snowstorm and were turned back shy of the Mount Washington summit due to 100 mile-per-hour winds. (But, you have to admit, it sure looks fun.)

If you think you might want to try a Presi Traverse in winter, but are worried about winding up dead, lost or injured, a number of mountain guides in the area offer guided trips. A few of the guides include:

Synnott Mountain Guides
Adventure Spirit
Chauvin Guides