If you’re like a lot of skiers, you spend your weekdays holding down a regular job while dreaming of weekends in the mountains. In fact, that would make you just like longtime Meathead Films vet Ben Leoni.

One of the crew that popularized Eastern ski flicks, Leoni might play the part of a professional during the week, but come weekends he’s still a “Meathead” at heart, and he heads straight for the backcountry.

The folks with Meathead Films and Ski the East have started capturing Leoni’s exploits and the spirit of weekend backcountry skiing with a web series called “Working for the Weekend.” The series debuted last year, and you can get caught up on the first season here. This week, they debuted the premier of Season 2, which you can check out above. You can also check out the original series trailer below.