A group of Western Massachusetts climbers have completed a loan payment that secures access to the region’s popular climbing area, Farley Ledges.

The Western Massachusetts Climbers’ Coalition made the final payment on their Access Fund Land Conservation Campaign loan, completing five years of fundraising for the Farley Ledge Preservation Initiative.

Farley Ledges is a bluff knob located on the southeast side of Northfield Mountain, and it rises 700 feet above the village of Farley in Erving, Massachusetts. According to the coalition’s website, these southeast facing chain of ledges, like much of the rock in the region, is granitic gneiss.  This stone is characterized by big, sloping horizontals, small edges and sweeping features.

In 2007, after conflicts with some landowners and trouble securing access, the coalition was able to purchase a 7-acre parcel of land with the loan, allowing them to build permanent parking and trail access. Since then, they have undertaken fundraising efforts to pay off the loan. (READ MORE)

For a taste of climbing at Farley Ledges, check out the video below:

The Northeast Part 1, Farley from Kai Webler Productions on Vimeo.