Franconia RidgeHere’s an interesting article on hiking the White Mountains from the website

The GP editor penned a three-part series on exploring three different mountain ranges – the Swiss Alps, the Bugaboos in British Columbia, and the White Mountains. The third part is on the White Mountains, titled “Don’t Underestimate the Whites.” The whole series is kind of odd given that, from what I read of the rest of the site, it is a painfully pretentious website devoted to luxury automobiles, $15,000 watches and jackasses. It doesn’t seem to fit. But I can’t fault anyone for using writing as an excuse to take some great trips. And it’s a good read about the mountains we love.

From the article: “This is full-body hiking. It wasn’t just my knees that were sore. My back, my lats, my triceps. What kind of hiking was this? . . . I came to the White Mountains with too much confidence and they kicked my ass.”

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