Tuckerman Ravine

Tuckerman Ravine

How would you like a job where you hiked or skied 2.5 miles through the snow to the foot of New Hampshire’s Tuckerman Ravine and then manned a cabin for a week-and-a-half at a time?

That’s the occupation of Beth Swartz, and it sounds pretty spectacular.

A recent article on SalemNews.com profiles Swartz, who is the caretaker for Hermit Lake Cabin at the foot of Tuckerman Ravine on the southeastern side of Mount Washington.

For two years, Swartz, 30, has spent her winters in the three-room cabin, where she performs tasks ranging from measuring snow depth to checking on hikers who stay in the lean-tos. She also provides information to winter hikers exploring Tuckerman Ravine.

Read about the job of being the Hermit Lake Cabin caretaker at Tuckerman Ravine during the winter.