The Northwest Crags of Rumney, New Hampshire. ( Photo)

The Northwest Crags of Rumney, New Hampshire. ( Photo)

The Rumney Climber’s Association and Access Fund have completed the second phase of protecting Rumney, New Hampshire’s Northwest Crags, known to climbers as the Final Frontier.

According to an announcement by the RCA, the climbing community rallied to raise over $100,000 in just under a year, and RCA now owns the 85-acre property. Access Fund provided RCA with two loans to cover the gap in the purchase price, which RCA will pay back after they transfer the property to White Mountain National Forest.

The Final Frontier property extends half a mile wide and gains 600 feet up the forested slopes of Rattlesnake Mountain.

“The Final Frontier is about preserving both climbing and natural wild spaces,” says RCA Co-President Dave Quinn. “If sold to a non-climbing friendly buyer for residential development, the resource could have been lost forever.”

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