Mount Washington WinterClimbers dragged an unresponsive hiker to safety through two miles of snow and dangerously cold conditions on Mount Washington on Saturday, January 31.

According to an article on, the conditions on Mount Washington were gusty winds and temperatures of five below zero. When Connecticut hiker Monoswita Saha, 28, began to drift in and out of consciousness, her fellow hikers called 911 and were told to wait for rescue. But given the weather conditions, her companions instead decided to bundled Saha in a sleeping bag, tie it with ropes and drag her, slowly and carefully, 2 miles through the snow until they met a rescue crew at the bottom of the Ammonoosuc Ravine Trail.

Saha was taken to a local hospital and was able to be discharged just hours after. The cause of her condition was unclear, but New Hampshire Fish and Game officials said the mountain’s conditions likely contributed to her condition.

An article on, said winds were extreme on the mountain that day, measuring 109 miles per hour. But Fish and Game officials described Saha and the group as well-prepared and said that likely led to a good outcome.

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