A Maine man fell 60 feet from the notoriously steep Precipice Trail in Maine’s Acadia National Park on Monday.

According to an article on BangorDailyNews.com, the 26-year-old hiker from Portland, Maine – whose name has not been released – fell while hiking up the east side of Champlin Mountain. Park officials said he suffered broken bones and lacerations, but his injuries are not considered life-threatening.

Park officials said the man was climbing one of the technical rung sections of the trail. He was reaching up and grabbing a rock above him to pull himself up on the next step. The rock gave way and he fell, with the rock, an estimated 60 feet, somersaulting down.

Due to heavy fog and technical terrain, it took rescuers more than eight hours to rescue the hiker. The fog prevented a helicopter rescue, so rescuers including Mount Desert Island Search and Rescue, park officials and local fire personnel had to use rigged rope systems to reach the hiker.

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