pinkham notchAs crowds of hikers head to the White Mountains for Memorial Day Weekend, New Hampshire investigators are asking them to keep a look out for clues that could help solve a cold case more than a decade old.

According to an article on, the New Hampshire Attorney General’s office is asking hikers in the White Mountains to be on the lookout for items belonging to Louise Chaput, who was found stabbed to death near a trail in 2001. Among the missing items are the Canadian woman’s missing car keys and a pendant with an “S” design. Authorities also say that Chaput’s sleeping bag and blue backpack with a Canadian insignia had also disappeared.

The last time anyone reported seeing Louise Chaput was back on November 15, 2001 when an employee at a hiking lodge said he spoke with her. Chaput’s body was discovered a short distance off the Glen Boulder Trail a week later. She had been stabbed multiple times.

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