Kayakers on New Jersey's Batsto River. (Pineland Adventures Photo)

Kayakers on New Jersey’s Batsto River. (Pineland Adventures Photo)

Kayakers and canoeists on New Jersey’s Batsto River are treated to roughly 23 miles of winding quiet water and beautiful scenery through the Pine Barrens of southern New Jersey.

The river is a tributary of the Mullica River. It’s shallow waters are perfect for beginner paddlers, and it lends itself to short, couple-hour trips, full-day adventures and even overnight camping at the Lower Forge Campground.

Trails.com says the Batsto passes through an extensive cedar forest and probably has more variety than any other river in the Pine Barrens. It is also the least accessible, making it great for paddlers looking for a sense of solitude.

Among the section trips available to paddlers is a popular 4-hour paddle from Quaker Bridge to Batsto Lake. Visitors can rent kayaks at Pineland Adventures. This section of the river is narrow and winding, providing clean cool water and small areas to pull out for a break or picnic.