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Hikers on New York’s Algonquin Peak. ( Photo)

On Sunday, New York forest rangers rescued three hikers who became lost on the state’s second-highest mountain, 5,114-foot Algonquin Peak.

The hikers reportedly encountered strong winds and poor visibility, and they found themselves in an unfamiliar area on the east side of the mountain. GPS coordinates on their phone put them southwest of the summit and northeast of the Lake Colden Trail.

Four forest rangers responded, with three entering the woods and the fourth talking to the hikers by cellphone. The ranger on the phone directed them to the trail, where the Lake Colden Interior Outpost caretaker was stationed. The caretaker escorted the three hikers to the cabin at Lake Colden, where they spent the night recuperating.

This is the second week in a row and the third time in as many months that forest rangers rescued hikers who became lost on Algonquin Peak. Last week, rangers rescued two hikers who encountered whiteout conditions on the mountain. In December, a pair of hikers were rescued after spending two nights near the summit.