A push to introduce luxury camping in New York’s Adirondack State Park is meeting resistance from those who say such facilities shouldn’t be allowed in the forever wild forest preserve.

According to an article on NorthCountryPublicRadio.org, the Cuomo administration is quietly developing a plan to bring “hut-to-hut” style luxury camping to the North Country, allowing people to hike across much of the park while sleeping in a soft bed and having someone cook them warm meals.

Green groups reportedly like the idea, but only if the facilities are on private land and not on the forever wild forest preserve. That is the major sticking point, especially as officials consider how to classify the new Boreas Ponds tract in Essex County.

According to preliminary plans being developed, some sections of a hut-to-hut trail would require some hospitality services to be on forest preserve parkland.

Opponents say such services are inappropriate and contradict the original intent of the preserve, which was to create a primeval wilderness experience.

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