black bearNew York’s Department of Environmental Conservation is warning hikers in the Adirondacks to beware of aggressive black bears.

According to a warning posted on the department’s website, hikers have reported encounters with aggressive black bears on the Northville-Placid Trail between Wakely Pond and Stephens Pond in the Blue Ridge Wilderness.

Officials suggest hikers hike in groups, make noise while hiking (talking, clapping), hike only during daylight and secure food, trash, toiletries, and scented items when camping overnight. If approached by a bear, they say do not run. Stand tall, wave your hands over your head and to your sides, yell and clap hands. If the bear doesn’t move off, throw rocks, sticks or other objects. But do not throw food or objects containing food.

If attacked by a black bear, fight back. Use whatever items you have to punch, poke, or club the bear. As soon as possible contact the DEC Dispatch at 518-891-0235 at anytime of day or night to report the encounter.