The popular obstacle course series Tough Mudder is coming to Maine.

The company announced yesterday that it will be holding “Tough Mudder – The Great Northeast” at Sunset Ridge in Westbrook, Maine, on August 23 & 24, 2014. Westbrook is located 20 minutes northwest of Portland.

Tough Mudder events are usually 10- to 12-mile courses featuring more than 30 obstacles that often include crawling through mud under barbed wire, jumping into an ice-filled dumpster, carrying logs, and being shocked by electrically-charged wires.

A description of the Maine course from the Tough Mudder website: “This ain’t no country club. Parts of the Sunset Ridge Golf Links have been decommissioned for years and Mother Nature has turned the once well-kept lawns into prime Mudder proving grounds. We’re joining forces with the town of Westbrook to push the course boundaries into some densely forested mountain bike and snowmobile trails – get ready for some rugged sh*t. Leave your golf cleats at home and don’t expect a caddie to help get you through this crushing course.”

Tough Mudder had been looking to locate an event in the Boston/Providence area, but announced recently they had so far been unsuccessful in finding a suitable location. The Maine course may be in place of one close to Boston. Last year, after announcing plans for a “Tough Mudder – Boston,” the company ended up holding the event at Gunstock Mountain in New Hampshire.

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