Jon Miller, a writer, photographer and filmmaker who publishes the blog “Death Cookies: reports from them yonder mountains” recently sent us an account of a memorable three-day ski trip he and friends took to New Hampshire’s Mount Washington at the beginning of April. Check it out here. And if you have a story, photos or video from an adventure you’d like to share with us, shoot us an email at


After a long, cold and mostly awesome winter, spring is advancing in full force across New England. Approaches are starting to melt out, sunscreen is appearing in my pack, and I even spotted golf clubs in the corner of the gear room the other day.

This means the time has come for the annual pilgrimage to the Presidential Range as the calendar turns to April.

Three days of exploring, climbing and sliding through the Washington weather show – and Mother Nature did not disappoint, dealing out an entire season’s worth of conditions in just 72 hours. If you like your weather consistent and calm, definitely don’t go here.

But if you’re not quite ready to let winter go, head up to the base of Tuckerman Ravine on a day like we had on day one, and you’ll feel small (and cold) as I did here.

jon in the bowl

Day one saw moderate danger ratings and an intimidating forecast of hurricane-force+ winds, serious wind loading and wind chills around -30.

The one upside was the sun was out all day without a cloud to be seen, and spirits were high at Pinkham Notch.

To read the rest of Miller’s account and see photos from his Mount Washington ski trip, visit Death Cookies.