A group in New York is calling on the state’s governor and the Department of Environmental Conservation to back out of an agreement to purchase 65,000 acres in the central Adirondack Park that is supposed to become part of the “Forever Wild” Forest Preserve.

Under the agreement between the state and The Nature Conservancy, the purchased lands would include the Essex Chain of Lakes, Boreas Ponds, the Hudson River Gorge and OK Slip Falls, among other natural areas. All of the property would be transferred to the Forest Preserve and become open and available to the public – for the first time in over a century – for hunting, hiking, fishing and other recreational uses, including some new snowmobile trails.

But opponents are calling on the state to back out of the agreement and downgrade the land slated for protection.

To find out more, and to sign a petition aimed at protecting the land, visit AdirondackParkPetition.com.