Snowshoe racers from around the globe descended on Saranac Lake, New York this weekend for the World Snowshoe Championships. But the most inspiring performance might not have come from any of the snowshoe racers, but rather organizers for being able to hold the event at all.

With record high temperatures melting snow throughout the Northeast, race organizers scrambled to move snow and even truck it in from other places to make sure the event had enough snow to hold the race.

Organizers ultimately changed the course from a 10K to an 8K, and racers took on mud, ice and slush in addition to snow.

Despite the conditions, organizers said it was the most well-attended event in the history of the world championships.

According to an article on, Joseph Grey, a snowshoer from Colorado, won the event.

After the success of the world championships, organizers in Saranac Lake say they’d like to hold an annual snowshoe race.

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