Cedar & Surfboards from Homegrown Shapes on Vimeo.

When I was in southern Maine last week, I couldn’t help but notice there seemed to be a ton more people surfing then there were a few years ago. And, apparently, the explosion in the sport’s popularity extends beyond people just surfing Maine waters. The state is now home to a number of people who build their own wooden surfboards. Enough, in fact, to warrant an exhibit at the Maine Maritime Museum.

The museum, in Bath, is currently hosting an exhibit called “Home Grown Shapes: Wooden Surfboards in Maine.” The building of hollow wooden surfboards has taken off in the state, and Maine is home to the world’s largest wooden surfboard company and many other individuals who build their own wooden boards.

The exhibit examines why so many Maine surfers choose to build with wood by chronicling seven surfing enthusiasts from across the state who surf using wooden boards made of wood which they made and showcases some of their amazing creations. Ten boards built by seven different shapers, from York to Old Town, using a variety of construction methods are on display. In addition to the display of finished boards, there a kiosk features video interviews with each shaper sharing their passion for woodworking and surfing.

The exhibit will be at the Maine Maritime Museum through September 28.

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