With the Berkshire Mountains to the west and Vermont’s Green Mountains to the north, it would be easy to overlook Massachusetts’ tiny Pocumtuck Range. But that would be a mistake.

Located in western Massachusetts between the Connecticut River and Deerfield River valleys, the peaks of the Pocumtuck Range top out at a meager 846 feet. But what the range lacks in elevation it more than makes up for with gorgeous scenery and miles of enjoyable hiking opportunities.

A view along the Pocumtuck Ridge Trail. (Wikimedia Photo)

Poet’s Seat Tower in Greenfield, Massachusetts. (Wikimedia Photo)

Along the top of the range is the roughly 15-mile Pocumtuck Ridge Trail, which runs from South Sugarloaf Mountain in Deerfield north to Poet’s Seat Tower and Rocky Mountain in Greenfield.

The trail follows a ridge-top route for most of the way, and the area is known for its continuous high cliffs that look down upon amazing scenery. When planning your hike, be sure to build in extra time so you can linger and enjoy the dramatic views of surrounding rivers, hills and farmland.

Accessible from many trailheads, the Pocumtuck Ridge Trail can make for a challenging day hike, or you can hike smaller segments of the trail if you only have an hour or two to enjoy a scenic, fun hike. The trail is marked with blue blazes.

For information on hiking the Pocumtuck Ridge Trail, visit www.pocumtuck.org.

The view from Mount Sugarloaf in Deerfield, Massachusetts. (Wikimedia Photo)