A trailhead parking lot that is popular among hikers exploring the Adirondack High Peaks will be closed over the summer.

Officials in the town of Keene, New York, say the Garden Parking Lot will be closed over the summer due to construction on the nearby Johns Brook Bridge. During construction, there will be no through traffic for cars or pedestrians allowed.

Hikers are being asked to park their vehicles at Marcy Field. Town officials say they plan to run a shuttle from Marcy Field to the Garden trailhead seven days a week from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. The cost will be $10 round-trip per person ($13 Canadian).

However, officials warn the shuttle service could experience interruptions if they aren’t able to hire enough drivers. They also say illegally parked cars will be towed, and they ask hikers not to park or walk on private property to access the trailhead.

“The town recognizes that this is a major disruption during the nicest hiking weather, but the bridge replacement is critical,” said town officials in a statement. “The current bridge is in such poor shape that the town can’t run plow trucks over it safely.”

The Garden trailhead provides hikers with access to the High Peaks through Johns Brook Valley.